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Galaxy S9 Manual Plus Guide and Tutorial

Galaxy S9 Manual Plus Guide and Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S9
Galaxy S9 Manual Plus Guide and Tutorial - Hearing rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S9, No the new Samsung phones is already in the first few stages of production. Here everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. Read the Samsung Galaxy S9 user guide. Galaxy S 9 setup guide for beginners include tips trick and latest news. Get the Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus manual here all you need.

Galaxy S9 Manual Plus Guide and Tutorial

Samsung flagships always follow the innovations and high-end smartthing feature. At this time Samsung is preparing to release the next generation’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and they may be coming with this futuristic smartphone in the first and second quarter of 2017. If you are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S9, then you have to wait for a long term. It would be better to go with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge if you are the fan of Samsung Galaxy S series fan.

Galaxy S9, Rumors Release Date and Specifications

After rumors, news on the most of web, Samsung's 2018 flagship phone on this. Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 in late March, so we'd expect it will follow up with the Galaxy S9 roughly a year later, at the end of March 2018 probably April release date.
Galaxy S9 User Manual and Samsung Galaxy S9+ Manual

The Samsung company waited about a month longer than normal, so it's possible that the S9 will land around the end of February, in which case it might be launched at Mobile World Congress 2018, as that's likely to take place at that sort of time.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 officially out arround the world now, but we've had a brainstorm about the new improvements we'd like to see on the Galaxy S9 fight for iPhone 8 maybe iPhone 9 and iPhone X. Look here the S9 Specifications:
Galaxy S9 Manual Plus Guide and Tutorial

1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Display

A Master of Samsung executive has told the media that the company doesn't plan to launch a fully foldable phone until at least 2019, but plans may change in the coming months. They have the most beautiful screen technology in the smartphone market. SaMOLED is very famous for its fantastic screening and viewing angle. Samsung Galaxy S9 will be sporting a 5.5″ inches display with quad HD display. The Samsung Galaxy S9 display resolution suggested being 2560×1440. According to this rumour, there is no upgrade in resolution but the display quality would be improved for sure.

Display protection is crucial, especially for the Samsung Galaxy S9 flagship users. Samsung always comes with the display protection, as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge protected with Gorilla Glass 3. Subsequently, Samsung Galaxy S9 may come with the Gorilla Glass 4 or 5 or Samsung will come with the latest version of the Gorilla Glass.

For Samsung to build the first truly foldable phone and sell it in 2018 would be a major boost to the South Korean company, and may change the way we use our phones forever. Rumors upcoming of the Samsung Galaxy X - a phone with a foldable display - have been building for the past few years.

Samsung doesn't offer an Android alternative to the iPhone SE. Instead the company has the Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for the mid-sized and larger phone lovers out there. Samsung embrace a smaller display on the Galaxy S9, or offer up a third version that includes a smaller screen instead.

2. Galaxy S9 3D Touch Fingerprint Sensor

It's clear Samsung wanted to move the fingerprint sensor under the screen for the Galaxy S8, but didn't have enough time to make it work. Samsung Galaxy S9 3D Touch display technology is the next generation’s display feature. However, this technology already existing in the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Samsung may implement the 3D touch technology to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and it is going to be a great feature in this device. Instead Samsung included a touch-sensitive home button under the display, which is useful, but we'd like to see the company go the full way and include a fingerprint sensor below the screen.

3. A Lower Price for Galaxy S9

Samsung has had to increase the price for the Galaxy S8, making it one of the most expensive flagship phones on the market.

If you're buying it as part of a two-year deal it's not as expensive as you'd expect, but we'd like to see Samsung reduce the price for next year's phone if at all possible. But it's going to be be expensive price, around $720, £689, AU$1,199

4. Galaxy S9 Dual-lens camera

Web talks rumors for the Galaxy S9 suggested Samsung was working on a dual-lens shooter like the iPhone 7 Plus or the LG G6 but it never came to fruition. Considering the camera improvements on the Galaxy S8 seem to be rather limited it would be great for Samsung to push the camera tech in the phone to a dual-lens setup on the Galaxy S9. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be sporting the Dual Camera with 21-megapixel rear cameras. Also, will have a dual tone LED flash for better low light capture. Front camera expected to be 8MP with single LED flash, new AR emoji, Super Slow motions camera, Dual aperture.

5. Galaxy S9 Proceccor

Samsung and Qualcomm have also started working on a new mobile chip according to The Investor. The chip is apparently likely to be called the Snapdragon 845 - up from the Snapdragon 835 found in some versions of the Galaxy S8 - and is supposedly going to be used in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Processor and GPU: Samsung Galaxy S9 will be powered by the futuristic Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset, which is under development. This chipset will offer blazing fast performance to the Samsung Galaxy S9. The processor will clock at the rate of 3.6 GHz Quad + 2.8 GHz Quad = Octa Core processor. Samsung Galaxy S9 GPU would be Andre 540.

6. Galaxy S9 Ram and Memory

The Samsung S9 may be going to have a bigger Galaxy S9 Memory and RAM about 128GB Memory and 6GB RAM to offer the fast multi-tasking xperience. And the internal memory hinted to have 128GB, which is quite decent to have. I also will support accept external memory as well.

7. Galaxy S9 Color

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be marketed and sold in basic colors Black, White, Gold, Rose Gold, and silver.

8. Galaxy S9 Battery

Battery Galaxy S9 between 3500 - 4100 Mah which can give your phone a totally new look. Few months back samsung also do a survey and accept that many people hate this company only because of Worst battery performance. Apps launch faster and battery life is longer on Galaxy S9 and S9+ with speedier and better-performing phones thanks to the innovation of the 11nm processor that runs on 20% less power.

9. Galaxy S9 Audio

Audio Galaxy S9 enthusiasts rejoice, you can hear the music as it's meant to be heard because Galaxy S9 and S9+ feature high-quality 32-bit PCM and DSD64/128 playback support. Enjoy 3 months of Google Play Music on us. Access 40 million songs and thousands of playlists tailored for any mood or occasion. Upload and store up to 100,000 songs and save songs offline, so you always have your music with you. Plus, the included new earphones not only offer pure sound by AKG, they fit better and your ears stay comfortable as you rock out.

Galaxy S9 Performance

So far we don't know anything about the power or Galaxy S9 performance of the Snapdragon 845 chipset, but we'd wager it won't be the only one Samsung uses, with a new Exynos chip likely headed to S9 handsets in some parts of the world.

Galaxy S9 Features

The Galaxy S9 is sure to get some new features too. Back in late 2016, Samsung licensed a new glass coating technology that makes water bounce off your smartphone screen. Samsung plans to include this tech in an upcoming phone, so it may mean the Galaxy S9 is much easier to use in the rain. Here about Samsung Galaxy S9 features:

1. Galaxy S9 Bixby Features

Bixby launch format on the S8, it encompasses a range of different features, Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision, Bixby Home and Bixby Reminder, for Galaxy S9 too. In the future Bixby expect to be using Bixby to control the TV, air conditioning as well as phones and Samsung uses this new service to provide one method of interaction with a full range of technologies.

The best Bixby Vision is that it's not dependent on the full Bixby Voice service, with direct access through the camera, so even those who don't get the full Bixby service will get Bixby Vision for all service.

2. Iris Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S9 consistance with Irish Scanner: I am pretty sure about it that Samsung will implement iris scanner in the Samsung Galaxy S9. And this would add an extra layer of its device for the security action.

3. Galaxy S9 Waterproof

This phoen support water and dust resistance. You can get stuck in the rain without an umbrella and still find your way home. And you won't lose your cool when you spill water all over your phone. Because the Galaxy S9 and S9+ feature the same IP68-rated water and dust resistance you've come to expect from Galaxy phones. Galaxy S9 IP68 dust and water resistance rating, submersion in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

4. Galaxy S9 Fast Wireless Charging

You're able to use your Galaxy S9 or S9+ for longer with each charge because the better-performing processor means a more efficient use of battery life. And with wireless charging and fast charging capabilities, charging the battery is also easy and convenient.

Even if you drain the battery, Galaxy S9 and S9+ won't be down for long with their fast charging capabilities. Wireless charging is as easy as putting your phone down. If you were watching something on your phone, just prop the charger up. With Galaxy S9 and S9+'s fast charging power, you can have it back in your hand in no time.

5. Gaming Performence

Your favorite games are taken to a new level when played on Galaxy S9 and S9+'s boundless screen. And with Vulkan capabilities, hours of immersive fun are at your fingertips with even the most graphic-intensive games. Exclusive free games offers for Galaxy users are available in Galaxy Apps. Enoy playing gemes by turn on Fullscreen mode in Settings to enjoy a greater view when playing.

Downloads, charging, and switching from app to app are all accomplished at incredibly fast speeds. It's the world's first and it's on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are meant to take spills, splashes, and dunks, you can keep going even in the rain or in the shower.

6. Faster Downloads

Galaxy S9 and S9+ are Gigabit LTE and Gigabit Wi-Fi ready. Wi-Fi supports 1024-QAM, meaning you get up to 20% faster download speeds compared to the previous model. So if you're downloading big files or sharing your data, speed isn't really an issue.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ download booster are up to 20% faster than Galaxy S8 on Wi-Fi. Actual speed may vary by country, carrier, and other usage factors. But it's 1024-QAM router support is required.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Manual

Galaxy S9 manual will help you to find out all the amazing things you can do with your new phone. We will provide you with tips, tutorial and guide on how to maximize the use of your new gadget, from how to set up and get start with your phone, how to personalized your Galaxy 9, how to restart, update, reset or restore your phone and more.
Samsung Galaxy S9 User Guide in PDF Format

Samsung Galaxy S9 User Guide in PDF Format

Samsung Galaxy S9 User Guide in PDF format will be available in many languages. The user guide is now available for download. The download link for Samsung Galaxy S9 User Manual in PDF format is available. You can read the User Guide in PDF format to master your smartphone to know the new features and how to use.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Setup Guide

Get Samsung Galaxy S9 setup guide and find out complete tutorial on how to set Galaxy S9+ up and get started with galaxys8plusmanual.

How to Set Up Samsung Galaxy S9 for the First Time

Congratulation on your new Samsung Galaxy S9! Now it’s time for you to set up your new phone so you can start using it. Our Samsung Galaxy S9 Setup Guide will assist you well in setting up your phone for the first time.

First, we will show you how to assemble your new phone, how to start using your new phone and how to set it up. Assembly Your New Phone. In this section we will guide you on how to:
  • Install the SIM Card and a Memory Card
  • Charge the battery
  • Micro-USB Connector and Reverse Charging
How to Install SIM /Memory card on Samsung Galaxy S9

You can install an optional microSD but you can do this later or anytime you want it. Be careful when handling the SIM card to avoid damaging it. Please note that additional memory card is not included in the box.

Here’s how to assemble your new Galaxy S9:
  1. Insert the removal tool into the hole on the SIM card/Memory card tray
  2. Next push it until the tray pops out.
  3. Now put the SIM card on the tray.
  4. Remember to put the card’s gold contacts face down into the device (see the image above)
  5. Next, slide the SIM card/Memory card tray back into the slot.
  6. That’s it!

Now you are ready to turn on your new Samsung Galaxy S9. Next, you will need to complete the setup.

How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery

Your new Samsung Galaxy S9 is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance so you might want to test it on water. For more safety please read more on how to Maintaining Water and Dust Resistance. Before charging your phone, you need to make sure that charging port is dry. Your phone may charge more slowly or overheat when it is not fully dry.

Your new Samsung Galaxy S9 is powered by a standard Li-Ion battery. To get the fastest charging times, you can use the Adaptive Fast Charger provided on the box. Here’s how to charge your new phone:
  1. Put the USB cable into the USB charger/Accessory port.
  2. Next, connect the USB cable to the charging head.
  3. Plug the charging head into a standard outlet.
  4. That’s it!

Setting up your new Samsung Galaxy S9 / plus is easy. Check this out.

Turn on your phone by pressing and holding the Power button until the screen appears then release.
  1. You should see a Welcome screen.
  2. Choose the appropriate language
  3. Then tap Next.
  4. Connect to a Wi-Fi® network
  5. Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network
  6. Tap Connect.
  7. You should see a Wi-Fi symbol on the top line of the display
  8. Tap Next to continue
  9. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  10. Then tap Next
  11. Sign in to your Google account
  12. Enter your password
  13. Tap Next.

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For the most, they might have thing why Samsung Galaxy S9!! Samsung is doing a good thing about their smartphones, as most of its fans already searching for the Samsung Galaxy S9 features and update. They are wondering what Samsung is going to do in their 9th edition. This is possible because Samsung wins many users heart and attention to their device. And they are well-reputed smartphone maker; they offer the world class high-end smartphone. Samsung has the good market share in the smartphone market.